Lido Hotel

Lido House Hotel - Gateway to Lido Village and the Newport Peninsula

RD Olson Development is passionate about our proposal for Lido House Hotel, a 130-room boutique hotel in Newport Beach’s Lido Village.

Newport Beach City Council is currently deliberating on three proposals to redevelop the City Hall site at 3300 Newport Boulevard. Our plan for the Lido House Hotel is the natural and functional fit for our community.

As a lifelong Newport Beach resident and the most productive hotel developer on the West Coast since 2010, Bob Olson understands the priorities of Newport Beach residents, and the economic benefits and vitality that Lido House Hotel’s customized plan will bring to the community. RD Olson Development looks to create a new gateway to the Balboa Peninsula, a new home away from home for locals, and destination spot for visitors.

Please help us turn our vision for Lido House Hotel into a reality by calling or emailing our City Council members at [email protected]